what can i do for you?

  • educative illustrations

  • (children's) books

  • cover design

  • editorial illustrations

  • promotional / corporate illustration

  • your project that does not yet fit in the above ;)


Standaard Uitgeverij // Davidsfonds Infodok // Oogappel // Clavis
De Eenhoorn // Gottmer Uitgeverij





WHO am i?

Annelies Vandenbosch, illustrator and designer based in Leuven, Belgium.

I have a background in broadcast, commercial and corporate animation and graphic design. Some of my animated work got rewarded over the past years.

Recently I have been focusing on creating illustrations, my one true love. My experience as an animator and graphic designer is definitely a surplus, allowing me to take on a wide array of tasks and successfully turning them into a picture perfect result.  

I love putting little details, humor and a positive spirit in every single piece. Willing to inspire other people and making the world a happy place, makes me picking up my drawing tools.

Awards & nominations

  • Belgian Corporate Filmfestival 2017 // winner

  • EFFICA 2016// winner

  • MELCRUM 2015 // winner

  • Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2010 // nominated

  • Holland Animation Film Festival 2009 // nominated

  • Film Festival Ghent 2009// nominated